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Daphne's True Family

Daphne’s True Family

Daphne had never been accepted. She had always tried to fit in, but her mother had always said that Daphne was a child that she’d never planned for. She was a beautiful young girl, with a pale skin colour, though she’d started to tan lightly. Her gorgeous, soft, silky black hair, was always tied up, but in loose ringlets, and she had piercing, ice blue eyes.

Daphne loved her family. She had her mitéra. She stayed home, and taught Daphne everything she needed to know. She had her bampás. She didn’t like him very much. He wasn’t very kind to her. He treated her more like a servant or slave than a daughter. Though he looked like the god Apollo, with his golden hair, tanned skin and well-muscled arms, the man was nothing like the god. Then there was her brother, Icarus Denes. He went to school, and often came home, beaten and bruised. The boy had always complained about his school master. But she still loved her family, more than anything in the world.

As she waited outside for Icarus to come home, she felt the breeze brush her face gently, as if telling her everything would change. She heard her name being called. A smile spread across her face. Icarus was almost home. She watched as her brother slowed to a stop in front of her. He had brought home a friend.

Icarus showed Daphne his newest friend. A small Alopekis puppy. It was obviously a stray. The puppy’s fur was brown with dust and dirt. She grinned at her brother’s kind-heartedness, then gasped.

“Icarus,” she said quietly, trying to keep her voice calm “Does Mitéra know about the koutávi?” Her brother rubbed the ground with his bare toes. He slowly shook his fair head.

“Icarus!” Daphne exclaimed “What are she and Bampás going to say?!” Icarus shrugged, his face still facing towards the dirty ground.

“I don’t care. As long as they look after Bia!”

“Bia?” Daphne smiled gently “After Mitéra and Bampás’ dog?” As her little brother nodded, her smile turned into a wide grin. “Well maybe they’ll let you keep her.” she smiled as her brother looked up, his sad frown upturned by her comment.

“Really?” he cried “You really think so?”

“Only one way to find out,” she whispered “Let’s go see Bampás and Mitéra!”


Daphne’s mitéra was a gorgeous woman. Her dark brown hair, hung in loose ringlets, all the way down her back, to her waist. Her skin was pale, but tanning lightly. When she turned to Icarus and Daphne as they entered, you could see that her middle was obviously swollen. She was close to the birth, of what would be, Daphne’s new brother or sister.

“Icarus!” Daphne’s mitéra cried out “What is that in your arms? Your bampás will not be happy! Speaking of your bampás, Daphne, he wants to speak to you.”

“What this time?! He’s been calling for me off and on all day! It’s utterly ridiculous!” Daphne cried out in anger and frustration.

Her mitéra hesitated. “That’s for him to tell you.” she said quietly “I’m sorry, but you, Daphne Thalia, are growing up. Just go.” Daphne suddenly had a feeling of cold dread. She hesitated.

“Mitéra,” she whispered

“Go,” her mitéra said, holding back tears “Go speak to your bampás, η κόρη μου” As Daphne left the room, she saw her mitéra turn and wipe her eyes.

“Bampás?” she said quietly “Are you there?”

“Over here, child.” She heard a voice to her left. “Come here.” Daphne’s bampás beckoned her over. “Child, you were never planned. I never felt that you were my true daughter, and even now, I feel like you are not my daughter. But there comes a time in every girl’s life, that they must become a woman. You have started that process.”

“Bampás…” Daphne pleaded “You can’t mean….. marriage! I am not yet dekatreís. Mitéra always promised not until I was at least dekatreís. You can’t do this to me!”

“Do not call me Bampás. I think you should know the truth.”

“Wha… what do you mean?” Daphne stared at the man.

“You are not my true daughter. You were born before your mitéra and I…. well, before we planned for a child. Your mitéra says you are a demigod. Her daughter, and the daughter of a god.”

“A demigod?!” Daphne laughed “You have got to be kidding me! I never did fit in. You’d think if I was a demigod, I’d be a really popular and stuff! Instead, I have two friends!”

“Daphne Thalia! Think about it! You’re so different to them. That’s why you don’t fit in. It fits with everything I’ve noticed about you. You love being outside and free. And you know your friend Selene Calliope? I think she’s probably a demigod too.”

“But… what am I meant to do? Do I just leave and get shoved over to another person’s house and marry an old guy, whom I don’t know!”

“I hope you don’t think that. Because even though you’ve never been my daughter, I’ve still cared about you like a step daughter. But I want you to call me by my name – Heros.”

“Step-daughter. It’s not the same. And call you by your first name?! What will the other people think?”

“Daphne.” the man sighed “That’s not important right now. What’s important is that you listen to what I have to say.”


“Just hear me out, Daphne,” Heros sighed “I found a wonderful young man for you. His name is Taras Theron. He is a very respectable young man. He is also very good looking. He has black hair, and eyes of the deepest blue.”

“But I’ve still never met him! And I’ve met all the young men in the village.”

“Well, he travels a lot.”

“So you’re trying to get rid of me?! I see how it is” Daphne looked at Heros with streams running down her face.

“Daphne! It’s not like that.” Heros sighed, but continued, “Taras is the best man to look after you.”

“What? So you send me off and get my adelfós and mitéra, and the new baby to yourself.” Daphne glared at Heros. “And I’m just supposed to accept that?!” She turned and stalked out of the room.

“Daphn-!” Heros started to call the girl back, but stopped. He sighed and turned back to his project.


Daphne brushed her fingers across her wet face.

“Go away please.” Icarus stared at his sister. She always told him everything! What was happening to the two of them?

“Daphne, please. What did Bampás talk to you about? You always tell me everything.” Icarus begged his sister. “Please, Daphne. What happened?”

“That was before, Icarus. Now everything’s changed. Look, I’m going to visit Selene and Hestia. If Bampás asks where I am, that’s what you’re to tell him, ok?” Daphne turned to her brother, with pleading eyes. “You have to cover for me. I should be home for δείπνο. If I’m not… well let’s just go with I’ll be back in time.”

“Daph, what’s wrong?” Icarus stared at Daphne “Please tell me!”

“I’m sorry, Ic. I can’t tell you. It’s not you. I… I just can’t… please just leave me alone, Icarus.”

“Daph!” Icarus called and watched his sister’s fleeting back, as her footsteps faded from hearing distance. “Daphne!” he sighed, and turned to leave. He turned back to Daphne’s bed, where she’d been sitting. A book lay there. Daphne must have been learning to read! He had no idea who would teach her, but he decided that right now, it didn’t matter. He’d talk to her later.


Daphne tiptoed back into her room. She knew Icarus had seen the book. Now he’d know she was being taught to read. At least he didn’t know why…

She knew that travelling, would mean she’d be apart from her family, so she wanted to be able to read signs, posters and those sorts of things. She would travel, but not with a husband. She had other plans for her life. Ones that ‘Taras’ wasn’t a part of.

As she gently put the book in her chest of private objects, she saw the drawing that Selene’s older brother Heracles had done of Daphne herself, Selene and Hestia.

She’d always loved the amazing drawings that Heracles did. He was a wonderful artist, and always did well in school. Heracles, she knew would probably be sent to join the army, since he’d inherited his bampás’ athletic abilities. But she also knew, that his passion was to become an artist for the royal family.

Daphne quietly slipped out of the house, her thoughts jumbled. She could hear her mitéra, and Heros arguing. As she stumbled on the rocky, dirt path, her mind turned to Selene and Hestia. Heros had said that he thought that Selene was a demigod too. With the gods, anything was possible.

She quietly stepped into Selene’s house. She tiptoed to her friend’s bedroom.

“Selene!” Daphne called gently to her friend.

“Daph!” Selene exclaimed happily as she heard her friend’s tender voice. Her black hair bounced, as she bounded over to Daphne. Her grey-silver eyes shone with joy.

Daphne smiled at her friend’s enthusiasm and joy. “I have to talk to you and Hestia.”

“Was it Heros? What did the κτήνος do this time?!” Selene said angrily.

“It’s not just him.” Daphne replied “I’ll explain when Hestia gets here. She’s coming soon right? I promised Ic, that I’d be back soon.”

“She will be here soon, Daphy. Hestia always comes around now.” At that moment, they heard a soft, gentle tap at the entry to Selene’s room. “Hestia Priya!” Selene’s silvery voice called to their friend, as she peeked in the room. “You’re later than normal! Is everything ok with Philo?” Selene, asked their friend, referring to Philo Alika, Hestia’s little brother.

“Philo is fine.” Hestia replied in her soft voice. “I’m only late because I tripped on the way here. There was a little γατάκι on the road. I had to help it.” Selene giggled at that comment, knowing their friend’s kind, sweet nature. “It is with its οικογένεια now.”

“Well I’m just glad you’re here now. Daph has an update on the κτήνος.”

“What did he do?” Hestia exclaimed, worry in her voice. “Are you hurt? Is Icarus ok?” Daphne smiled at her friend’s concern.

“Icarus is fine. I’m fine.” Daphne looked at her two friends. “Well, as fine as I can be.”

“What do you mean?” Both her friends asked her at the same time. Daphne grinned as they started to laugh.

Daphne looked at her friends as they giggled, a smile on her face, but warning them to stop laughing. “The κτήνος decided I need a husband.”

“WHAT?!” Selene and Hestia stared at her.

“You’re kidding! If you get married, then you’ll have to be with your husband all the time!” Selene exclaimed.

“And you won’t have time for us anymore.” Hestia finished, quiet as ever, but eyes wide.

Daphne stared at her friends, tears filling her eyes. “I know.” she whispered. “That’s why I’m leaving. Well, that and something else he said.”

“You’re leaving?! You can’t leave!” Selene’s voice was filled with anger, but Daphne heard sadness in her friend’s voice.

“Selene, I know this is hard, but the κτήνος said that I am a demigod! I have to find out more! I think you probably are demigods too.”

“Us?! Demigods?!” Selene looked at her friend, as she spoke. “You’re kidding!”

“I wish I was kidding.” Daphne said, her voice tinged with sadness. “But I’m not. That’s what the κτήνος said. And unfortunately I believe him.”

“Me too.” Daphne and Selene turned to stare at their friend, as Hestia said this, her voice tinged with sadness.

“Hestia!” Daphne looked at the girl in surprise. “You think it’s true?!”

“Yes.” The girl’s dark, loose ringlets shook, as she nodded her head. “It makes sense don’t you think? We’ve never fit in!”

“Hestia’s right.” Selene agreed, nodding. “We’re not letting you go by yourself.”

“Yes. Philo will miss me, and I’ll miss him, but I have to come with you.”

“Sel, Hest … are you sure you want to come? It’ll be dangerous. We might die!” Daphne’s face was now wet. Her voice wavered as she spoke to her friends in amazement.

“Yes.” Selene said firmly. Hestia nodded.

“Thanks, you two, but are you sure?!” Daphne’s tears ran down her face like rain.

“It doesn’t matter what you say, Daph.” Hestia said quietly. Her dark brown hair waved around as she shook her head, emphasising her point. Her amber eyes looked at Daphne, daring her to contradict her. “I’ll stick by you, no matter what!” Her voice grew a bit louder, and Daphne could see, her friends were determined.

“Thanks Sel. Thanks Hest. We can’t leave ’til tonight. Otherwise we might be seen.”

“Ok.” Both her friends nodded.

As they planned, the sun slowly went down. When Daphne realised how low the sun was, she looked at her friends and said that she had to go. Her friends nodded, and she ran up the pavement to her home.


“Icarus?!” She called “Mitéra? Heros? Is there anyone there? Icarus?! Mitéra?!” A note of urgency entered her voice.

“Daphne? Αγαπημένος is that you?!” Daphne heard the voice of her mitéra.

“Mitéra! It’s me! Where are you? Are you ok?” Daphne called out, her voice echoing in the stillness.

“Daphne!” Icarus ran to where Daphne stood, looking around trying to find them. “Mitéra had her baby! Well.. babies! She’s sore. And Bampás said that she might not be able to do housework for a while. But…. Little girls! We have two new αδελφές!”

“What are the babies’ names?” Daphne’s questioning look made Icarus smile.

“How about you ask Mitéra?” he suggested. Daphne nodded, and Icarus led the way.

Daphne’s mitéra’s weary face lit up as Daphne entered the room. “Daphne!” she said, obviously still weak.

“Mitéra!” Daphne started to tear up. “Where are the babies?”

“They are being cleaned. Phaedra’s friend Nephele, is cleaning them up.” Heros answered Daphne, and she glared at him.

“What are their names?” she whispered to her mitéra.

“Phoebe Melody and Philomena Melina. I thought they should have similar names.” Phaedra looked at her daughter, with a small smile.

“Beautiful.” Daphne whispered. “Mitéra, if I had to leave, what would you tell me?”

“Follow your dreams, Ανθος. Do what you need to do.” Phaedra smiled at her daughter. “I knew you’d leave soon, Ανθος. I know why too. You need to know who your real father is. I wish I could tell you, Ανθος, but I don’t know, myself.” Daphne nodded.

“I want to meet Phoebe and Philomena first. Are they going to have nicknames? I have some ideas. For Phoebe; Phoeb and Phoebs. For Philomena; Philomene, Philo, Mene and Mena.”

“They sound perfect, Ανθος. Nephele should be done cleaning the girls in a minute.”

Phaedra seemed to read Daphne’s thoughts. “I’ll be ok.” Phaedra whispered back. “I have Icarus and Heros. And wonderful friends like Nephele and Erasma.” Daphne nodded. As she got up, Nephele walked in, holding Phoebe. Nephele was fair haired, with eyes of teal. She was older than Phaedra, but didn’t look it. “Where’s Philomena?” Phaedra looked to her friend.

“Erasma just came.” Nephele’s voice was bubbly, but full of concern for her friend. Erasma entered the room. She wasn’t much older than Daphne. She had dark hair, which contrasted her pale cornflower blue eyes. She was married to a reputable, rich young man, Cypress, whom she was completely in love with, and him with her. She was expecting her first child, though it was barely noticeable.

Daphne stared at the babies. They were identical. As she looked at them, Phoebe opened her eyes. She blinked, and at that moment, Philomena opened her eyes too. They yawned in unison, and Daphne grinned. “Can I hold them?” she whispered, looking questioningly at Phaedra.

“Of course.” she replied, smiling. “Just be careful.” Nephele handed Phoebe to Daphne, and Erasma moved forward and passed Philo to Daphne too. As Daphne held her sisters, she realised that she really didn’t have a place in the house anymore. She knew she would leave as soon as her mitéra took the babies back. She grinned despite her sadness, looking at the girls. When Erasma and Nephele came over to give the babies to her mitéra, she kissed the twins on the head, and whispered;

“Look after our family, ok? I love you my little λουλούδια. Stay safe.”

After Nephele and Erasma took the twins. Daphne quietly tiptoed away. Her eyes were silver-lined at the thought of leaving her οικογένεια, but she knew that it was what was best for all of them. As she packed some chitons in her satchel, tears overflowed. She gently pushed them down, knowing that otherwise not everything she needed would fit. She crept into the room that Heros kept his weapons. She looked around. There were so many daggers and swords.

Daphne reached for a gold dagger. This was the dagger. This felt right in her hands. She read the inscription on the handle. Τυφώνας. Hurricane.

She didn’t know why it felt so right, but it did. She wrapped it in a clean cloth, and slipped it in her satchel. She crept to the huge clay jars, that she’d seen her mitéra put the dried beef, many months ago. She pulled out handfuls, and wrapped it tightly. She grabbed some water skins, that she would fill at the cool, clear stream. She place dried fruits and vegetables in her bag, placing nuts in a small cloth bag, shoving them into her overflowing satchel. She snuck back to her room, and placed her jewellery in a small box, knowing that some pieces would be worth over 100 golden drachmas. She looked at one of her necklaces. It was a small, delicate gold chain, with a lightning bolt, that seemed to crackle with power, and sometimes appeared to be glowing.

Daphne remembered when her mitéra gave her the necklace. Suddenly, she was seven years old again.

Her mother’s face smiled down upon her, younger, but still obviously her. Daphne pushed back the covers, and slipped off her bed. The sun had shone brightly through the window, a calming breeze gently blew the light-blue fabric covering the hole in the wall. Daphne had put a new, white chiton on. Her mitéra gestured for her to come sit next to her. As the young girl jumped back onto her bed, Phaedra had taken a small, silken bag from behind her back. She’d given it to Daphne, and the child opened the drawstrings. Daphne had gasped in amazement, when she’d seen the necklace. She’d lifted it out, and Phaedra had put it around her daughter’s neck. Daphne had felt it buzz under her palm, as she stroked it. She’d wondered why, but then had smiled and given her mitéra a huge hug. Daphne ran to the door, and turned to her mitéra, a huge grin on her face.

The memory faded, and Daphne was jolted back to the present, by Bia. Daphne had forgotten the puppy was even there. As the little pup jumped on her lap, Daphne looked at her.

“I’m sorry Bia.” Daphne whispered to the small dog. “I have to go.” Daphne could have sworn the puppy nodded. Bia stared at Daphne with large, chocolate-brown eyes. The dog’s small, pink tongue hung out of her mouth. Daphne smiled and gently pushed the dog off her lap. Then she heard a small voice.

“You’re leaving?!” Icarus peeked around the doorway.

“Icarus!” Daphne blushed. “What are you doing?”

“What are you doing?!” Icarus glared at his sister, shocked and upset. “You can’t leave. Especially not now. Mitéra will need your help. Besides,” His voice got quiet. “What will I do without you?”

“Ic…” Daphne’s tears started again. “You don’t understand.”

“No. I don’t. Why are you leaving us?” Icarus was now crying too. “Mitéra….. I….. Phoebs….. Philo…. We need you, Daph.”

“You’ll be fine. Mitéra told me I can go, ok? Just let me leave, Ic. I need to do this.” Daphne pleaded with her brother. Icarus looked at her as if she was betraying him. Then he sighed and nodded.

“But let me come.”

“WHAT?! ICARUS DENES! No! Not a chance!” Daphne stared at her brother incredulously. “There is no way.”

“Why not?” Icarus asked. “Please, Daphne.”

“You need to look after Mitéra and Phoeb and Philo.”

“Bampás can do that.”

“He will need your help.” Daphne looked at Icarus with begging eyes. He finally relented, and sighed.

“Is that why you’ve been learning to read?” Icarus’ quiet, accusing voice surprised Daphne.

“Yes.” she admitted. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I’ve been learning for a while, in case I had to leave.”

As Icarus turned to leave, he asked her to wait for a minute before leaving. Daphne nodded. She gently pushed Bia out the door. She turned back to her bag, and gently put the jewellery in. Then she changed her mind, and slipped her lightning necklace around her neck. Just then, Icarus appeared back at the door. He came into Daphne’s room, and gave her a hug. He pushed something into Daphne’s hands. As she opened her hands, she saw something that amazed her.

“Your spinning top that He….. Bampás made for you?! Icarus, I can’t take this! This is your favourite thing to play with!”

“I want you to have it.” Icarus whispered. “Please?! Then I’ll know that you’ll be close forever.”

“I’ll only take it,” Daphne started. “If you take Calla.”

“The doll that Mitéra made for you. Daph, are you sure?”

“Yes. I’m sure Ic.” Icarus reluctantly agreed, then smiled. A small smile, but a smile nonetheless. Daphne gave him Calla, the first gift she’d ever got from Phaedra.

“Now I really have to go, Ic. Bye.” Daphne looked at her brother sadly. Her brother turned and ran out before Daphne could see his eyes tearing up.


Daphne ran, stumbling on the path like earlier. She swiped at her eyes, angry at the wetness on her face. She saw her friends waiting, and they quietly left.

They had gotten to the forest that the men from the village used for hunting, when they heard rustling in the bushes. The three girls made a protective circle, all of them with a dagger in their hands. Selene’s silver dagger, Σεληνόφωτο (Moonlight), seemed to shine, fitting the name. Hestia’s bronze blade, Σπίτι (Home) glowed, looking like the fire from a hearth.

A cyclops came into view. He was three meters tall, shoulders hunched. His hideous face turned to the trio. His huge, brown eye glared at them. Hestia paled. Daphne knew that Hestia had always been terrified of the stories about cyclops. She stepped forward.

“What do you want?” Daphne asked, her voice shaking a little. The cyclops opened his mouth. Daphne could smell his stale breath.

“Need food.” The cyclops answered. “Girls good eating.”

“Please don’t eat us.” Hestia whispered. Daphne was shocked that she’d spoken up. She looked at her friend like, ‘what are you thinking?’. Hestia looked back at Daphne, and Daphne was surprised to see determination in Hestia’s eyes. She looked at Daphne, her eyes saying ‘let me take the lead, ok?’. Daphne nodded. “Please. What’s your name, sir?”

“Girl asking… cyclops name?! Cyclops never been so touched!” the cyclops gave a smile, showing his crooked teeth. “Cyclops name is Agrios. Means fierce.”

“Agrios.” Hestia pondered. “It’s a lovely name.” The cyclops blushed, his grin widening.

“Agrios thanks you, girl.” the cyclops looked at the girl, obviously touched. “Agrios will not eat girl and her friends.”

“Thank you, Agrios! I will never forget you.” Hestia thanked the cyclops, eyes glowing with happiness. “We can never repay you.”

“Can girl give Agrios food?” the cyclops tilted his head in question.

“What do you eat?” Hestia asked. When the cyclops explained he would eat anything, Daphne reached in her satchel and grabbed some of the dried beef. She handed it to Agrios. He thanked the girls, and thumped off, his feet making leaves fall from the trees.

“Well that was interesting.” stated Selene, plainly. When Daphne looked at her like, ‘are you kidding?’, she shrugged. “Well it was!” she said.

They crept, determined to stay quiet as possible. When they got out of the forest, Daphne saw a firelight. They slowly crept to an area where they could see the people around the fire, and gasped.

Children their age, older, and younger, milling around casually, some with swords in their hands. They seemed to all be different. Some had blonde hair, some black, some brown. Some had blue eyes, some green, some brown, some black and so many other colours too. Some were tanned, some were pale. They were different in all ways.

Selene and Hestia gaped at the wonderful sight. Daphne grinned. Suddenly, a centaur came into view. His flank was white, and his chest was bare, apart from a leather chestplate. His brown hair was almost shoulder-length.

“Campers!” he shouted. “Come.” The campers came over, and knelt. One boy, with black hair, and dark blue eyes, stood. He looked about sixteen or seventeen.

“Chiron.” he said, speaking to the centaur.

“Theron.” Chiron acknowledged the boy.

“There are three girls, in the bushes behind you.” Theron said quietly, staring straight at Daphne. Chills went down her spine. How could he see her? She was hidden well. She felt cloaked in invisibility. Oh well, too late now. As the centaur came over, Daphne made a hard, split-second decision.

“Stay here.” she whispered to Selene and Hestia.

“What?!” they exclaimed together. “Not a chance. We’re not leaving you here.”

“Please.” Daphne begged.

“No!” they cried out. Finally Daphne accepted that she’d have to let her friends come. She nodded, and they all came out slowly, their daggers sheathed. The campers didn’t have their swords pointed at the girls, but their hands were on their swords or daggers, or they were holding them.

“Who are you?” A big guy, with copper hair, stepped forward. In his hand, was a copper sword. “What are you doing at our camp?” His deep, gruff voice was accusing.

“I’m Daphne. These are my best friends Selene and Hestia.” Daphne replied. The big guy looked shocked that she’d answered. “What’s your name?” She smiled sweetly at him, teasing him.

“My name is Andrei” His copper hair seemed to glow red in the firelight. “Son of Ares.”

“Andrei. That is no way to greet these girls.” A beautiful girl stepped forward. She looked about sixteen, but it was hard to tell. Her waist-length, chestnut-brown hair swished as she stepped forward. She placed her hand gently on Andrei’s shoulder, and he stepped back reluctantly. “Daphne, Selene, Hestia. I’m sorry for my boyfriend’s….. aggressiveness. As you know, Ares is the god of war. Unfortunately, Ares shares his aggressive nature with his kids.” Her sky-blue eyes sparkled with something like laughter.

“That’s alright.” Selene said, smiling. “Ares is one of my family’s patron gods, so I know well, how aggressive he can be.”

“By the way,” Daphne wondered. “What’s your name?”

“Oh silly me! I forgot to introduce myself.” The girl smiled gently, showing beautiful, perfect, white teeth. “My name is Ayana.”

“That’s a beautiful name.” Hestia whispered. “Are you the daughter of Aphrodite?”

“Yes!” Ayana’s face lit up. “How did you work that out?”

“You’re so beautiful. And you’re very confident.” Hestia said quietly, not making eye contact with the beautiful girl.

“You really think so?” Ayana looked at Hestia, eyes shining. Hestia nodded. “Thank you!” Ayana said happily.

“My dear Ayana,” Chiron spoke suddenly. “We’re getting off topic.”

“Oh yeah. Whoops.” Ayana giggled. “Sorry Chiron.” Chiron nodded, accepting her apology. Then he turned to Daphne and her friends.

“You three found our camp. Only few can see this camp. You aren’t nymphs, so I would say you are demigods.”

“That’s what my bam….. Heros said.” Daphne blushed. When Chiron asked if Heros mentioned which gods or goddesses, she shook her head. Then everyone gasped. They stared above Daphne’s head, then Hestia’s, then Selene’s. “Wha…..” Daphne’s question died in her throat. She stared at the glowing image above her head.

A lightning bolt flickered with power above her head. She stared at it. Then she turned to her left, and stared above Selene’s head. A silvery moon shone there. She turned to her other side. Hestia had a pure white dove above her head.

“All hail, Hestia, daughter of Aphrodite, goddess of love, lady of the doves. Selene, daughter of Selene herself. Titan of the moon. And…. Daphne, daughter of Zeus, king of the gods.”

Daphne looked at the campers around her, and at her friends. She realised this was where she belonged. Her real home.

Her true family.




Don't think I didn't catch the "Thalia" and "Daphne", both names used in Riordan's books ;P.

28th Apr, 18

Lol. You caught me.

Honestly though? I did it for the name meanings.

Daphne: Laurel - basically signifying victory.
Thalia: To flourish and bloom.

Daphne Thalia grew into herself which is a victory in itself. She grew into who she is/was. And she found who she really was, accepted it, AND found a new family.

I'd call that a decent victory.

28th Apr, 18

In reply to booksforlife

A pretty cool, but a very big coincidence. Damn I'm such a critic. I love your work a lot, much better than my past pieces

28th Apr, 18

In reply to bookwithbane

So Thalia was a not so coincedental one.

I used it because I liked the meaning. But the reason I knew that spelling was cause of Uncle Rick.

Thanks for the compliments. I highly doubt it though.
1. I HATE the sudden ending. But it was (supposed to be) a short story.
2. It involved a lot of editing and research (for the Greek words). And the teacher helped edit.

28th Apr, 18