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Myth - Why people fall in love.... My failed yr7(...?) Story

Myth – Why people fall in love


Theopilus was a young prince in the Ancient Greek town of Athens. His father – Theophilus and his mother – Miloa, were king and queen. King Theophilus and Queen Miloa had agreed with King Thymas and Queen Alyra of Corinth, that Theopilus would marry their daughter – Princess Lianora.


One day, Theopilus saw a poor family in a small hut. There were 6 in the family. There was a mother and father along with 3 daughters and 1 son. When Theophilus saw one of the daughters (the eldest though he did not know it at the time), Aphrodite struck him and he fell instantly in love.


He went to his father and said ‘Father, there is a girl I love.’


His father replied saying ‘Is she a young noblewoman or princess? If so I will begin talking to her parents immediately.’


Theopilus said ‘Father, she is a poor woman, but I love her so.’


His father angered immediately ‘How dare you! You disgrace us! Leave my presence and do not come back until you are cured of this foolishness!’


Theopilus left. His mother saw him and called to him, but he ignored her.


Aphrodite’s love spell was strong enough that it sent him to the hut in which he saw the family. He knocked on the door. When it opened, the young woman was there! ‘Your Majesty!’ she cried ‘To what do we owe this pleasure?!’


‘My dear maiden,’ he sighed, ‘You are the most beautiful woman, I have seen. You have stolen my heart, but my father forbid me to come home ‘til I have been cured of my regard for you.’


The young maiden was flattered. ‘Your Majesty…’ she began.


Theopilus interrupted her, saying ‘Please, just call me Theopilus.’


The young woman said ‘My name is Philia, your ma… Theopilus. Please, come inside. I am flattered by what you said, but surely you are not serious! Surely you have another maiden, a princess, whom you love!’


‘No.’ said Theopilus. ‘My heart belongs to you and you only, beautiful Philia. Please come to the palace so my father can see your beauty. Then, I hope he will see reason and will let us marry!’


Meanwhile, King Theophilus had contacted Lianora’s parents – King Thymas and Queen Alyra, and told them to bring Princess Lianora. He hoped that his son would see that he was better with Lianora than the poor woman he so foolishly said he loved.


Theopilus went inside Philia’s family’s hut. Philia introduced him to her family. She, Philia was the oldest. Her mother was Persephyn, her father was Lumiun. She had 2 sisters – Milina and Kyla. Her brother was Philius. Theopilus then told her of his family. His father and mother – King Theophilus and Queen Miloa. His brother – Prince Theodore, and his sisters – Princess Theophila, Princess Theana, and the youngest – Princess Milia.


Theopilus and Philia left for the palace. When they arrived, they were greeted by Lianora! Theopilus frowned. Lianora wasn’t meant to be here ‘til the supposed wedding.


They entered the throne room with Lianora trying to get Theopilus to kiss her. Theopilus and Philia bowed to the king.


‘My son,’ said King Theophilus ‘Who is this with you?!’


‘Father,’ replied the prince, ‘This is my beloved – Philia.’


Lianora’s eyes grew as big as dinner plates. ‘Your beloved!’ she cried ‘But you will marry me!’


‘No,’ Theopilus said ‘I will not.’


‘Son,’ boomed the king ‘Do you know what you are doing?!’


‘Yes Father, I do. I am going to marry Philia.’ Theopilus cried defiantly.


‘My son, why do you love her?’ the king asked.


‘Because of my spell.’ They heard a soft silky voice, and turned. There was a beautiful woman! Her hair was as gold as the sunlight, and her eyes like the bluest sky. Her skin was like porcelain and her lips red as roses. Her dress was a creamy colour of cotton, and her jewellery was gold set with diamonds. Her shoes were dove-grey and she walked more gracefully than a dancer.


‘I am Aphrodite, goddess of love.’ she said ‘I am the one who makes people love. If I wasn’t alive, love wouldn’t exist!’


After a moment of silence, Theopilus spoke ‘Father, you now know why we all fall in love. Please, allow me to marry my beloved Philia. She is worth more to me than all the jewels in the kingdom.’


King Theophilus smiled ‘Only if you promise to let Lianora marry your brother. Theodore and Lianora have been eyeing each other ever since she arrived.


Theopilus smiled ‘Of course.’


And that is why people fall in love.



... I like the concept of love, but I hate the idea that some higher being influences it

3rd Jun, 18

Haha yeah

Thanks for reading my story!

3rd Jun, 18

Yeah it’s really stupid but lotssss of greek stories are like that

9th Jun, 18

In reply to ladybird

True. I can't believe my story actually got compared to the original Greek myths....!

9th Jun, 18

This is really good!!

9th Jun, 18

Thanks so much!
It was something we had to do for a class task in yr7 (I think).
I was proud of it at the time. Now I realise how bad this is compared to my writing now, which isn't much better, but still better.

9th Jun, 18